These components combine to allow for the detailed creation of map … The Maps Static API service creates your map based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request and returns the map as an image you can display on your web page. You may want to look into other mapping platforms like Used our API to increase your sales and want to give something back? Works with most Google Maps plugins. you can follow this bug on Google's issue tracker here. However, a lot of users have had success by switching the map component to We have logged a bug with Google here to hopefully find { elementType: 'geometry', stylers: [{ color: '#242f3e' }] }. Click here to download an example. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is because of fundamental limitations on the way IFrames work on the web and Google just simply doesn't support it. Switching to a WordPress plugin that uses Google’s JavaScript API will work instead. Yup! Quickly apply styles to all of the Google Maps on your WordPress site. If you width: 100%; Google Maps styles are divided into 3 components: features, elements, and styles. One plugin we get asked a lot about is Visual Composer. Features To turn these labels back on, apply a custom style. To style your maps on these platforms you have to find a plugin that supports styled Google Maps. ,